Charity Work

The Big Knit 2012

The Big Knit 2012

When Innocent appealed to volunteer knitters to provide the characteristic miniature knitted hats that adorn their drinks bottles each year for the Big Knit, the S.W.A.T Girls answered the call, providing an astonishing 815+ hats for the campaign!

While the idea originally started as something discussed by many league members, the main contribution was by two of the skaters, Flay Wray, and Vampira. The rest of the league is both astonished and hugely proud of the sheer number of hats the two have produced.

Charitable contributions are important for the league. Despite the fact they are entirely self funded; a proportion of all the money raised from fundraising events and ticket sales for games is donated to chosen charity partners each year.

During the winter, when the S.W.A.T girls can keep the heat up chasing each other around the track,  Age UK aim to make winter warmer for 360,000 people by providing information, advice and practical services to help keep older people warm and well.

Please support Age UK by looking out for innocent smoothies in woolly hats and also support your local derby team!

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