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Happy (albeit extremely late) New Year!! I hope that everyone started their new year with a new and positive look for the things to come … (yeah – me neither). However with this being said, things are already looking positive for the S.W.A.T. ladies. 

As part of a funding scheme, Waitrose each month are giving away a share of £1,000 to 3 organisations. So how does it work? I hear all you all ask, well there are 3 boxes; (one for each organisation) which have an A4 sheet of paper explaining and outlining what they do and what they would use the money to help with. When a customer makes a transaction they are given a green token, these little magic emerald nuggets are then placed in the box they feel is most deserving of the funding. Dependant on the percentage of tokens between the boxes will depend on how much of a share you will receive… therefore in essence … we need some bloody tokens!! So please help us by choosing to place your token in our box so we have the best chance possible. As another supermarket would say… ‘Every little helps!! 

The Waitrose store inExeter, along Heavitree road is the store where our box will lie and so please please please start shopping there!! It only has to be for February, but will give us the best chance possible of winning a nice chunk of the money, which will help us to raise our profile and in turn help the league in the long run. 

On another note we have started the year on another positive with our first roller disco being successful and raising over £900.00 from the event. It was a massive group effort and thanks to all those who were involved either before the day or on the day. From skateMarshalls, to skate hire everybody played a part in the success and we hope for another within the year so we can all put our glad rags and moustaches on again! 

Lastly, as many of you know. I am not a fan of the New Year and all its prosperous things to bring ethos (definitely a glass half empty kind of gal!) But with all this being said, this year is already starting out as a better year. And that’s down to each and every one of you. For every laugh or accidental grope we share (No need to mention names … we all know!) It makes this year already better than last. So thank you to every one of you – and I hope you all continue to share these times and moments. And of course … kick some majorDerbybutt over the next year!! 

Love today … and I suppose always! 

S.Mousey xxx

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