Mixing this with that gave us Wings!!

With master plans of taking over dominating the South West. Our wicked plans started with a fantastic mixed scrimmage on the 12.11.2011 A good turn out of mixed abilities. From the newly Minimum skills passed to the one’s with fake hips (you know who you are … no need to name names …!!) The collective was split in half and sorted into a Black team and a White team.

With a hearty (sweat fest) warm up from our local claim to fame, Dot Slash taking the warm up. We showed the other’s how we warm up S.W.A.T style! With numerous knee drops, derby stops and changing speed between pace and sprint … most looked as if they had already done a 2 hour training session before we started.

Deciding rotations and working out what each other’s strength’s and weaknesses were, the day started as it meant to go on… with a mass derby girl pile up on the inside line and a cheeky jump of apex over the dog pile by a member of SRT. The day was already looking promising! Fast paced and action packed as always, a few on lookers looked rather intrigued … One innocent bystander was over heard saying “What on earth … that girl on skates just hit into another girl on skates … That can’t be safe?!”

Half time was called and there was noOrangesgiven out at this party, none other than the Exeter Red Bull representatives had come to offer refreshments and a little boost for those playing. With cheesy smiles and snap happy skater’s the girls got amongst the sweat and Velcro to be good sports and have their photo’s taken with us. (And to put all us sweating beauties to shame with their golden tan’s and perfectly styled hair may I add!!)

Second half of the day started with more moves of glory and a team mix up. All in number order and split down the middle we all re grouped and started again. With some fantastic power jams from coach Insane Bolt the White’s were looking set on winning … and so they did! Using new to be tested tactics which proved very successful the day was then at it’s end. With a massive thanks to the ref’s for  their hard work, and a best moment going to Gaylord Blocker & Kathleen Hamma taking a prize for best moment of the day. The day ended with a drink or two at the local as after all, we all know our drinking team’s have a Derby problem!!!

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